Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Note

Yesterday we left our Chicago family at 4:00 am after a wonderful 8-day visit and headed back here to Hawaii.

Leaving them was really hard.

Growing up as a missionary kid, my family moved around a lot and "home" became whatever place our family was currently located.  We didn't own a house or have one specific place we'd stay the entire time when regularly heading back to the States for furlough.  We were simply home whenever we were together.

When I left my family in the Philippines for Bible college in the States,  I felt suddenly homeless.  It was awful.

Until I was sort of adopted into an awesome family, the Guimary family.  I had known them from my missionary kid days back in the Philippines, and I was great friends with their daughters (and then, their husbands).  They let me stay at their house for vacations and some summers.  I mooched off them for rides, meals, and laundry.  I worked at their dad's church, and he even married my husband and me back in 2003.  

Up until Vincent died, moving to Hawaii in 2004 was one of the hardest things I ever did.  

Because I had to leave the Guimary family.  

And today I had to do it again.

So to 'Mom' G, 'Dad' G, Lianne, Bill, Michelle, Tony, Nerissa, Daric, Jaelle, Laraya, Kaedyn and Javen: I love you guys!  Thanks for flying us there to Chicago, for making space in your house for us, for being great Aunties and Uncles, "Lola" and "Lolo" to Theo, and for staying up late at night crying with us. Thanks for the hugs, the understanding looks, the long conversations, the amazing food, and the effective chiropractic adjustments/therapeutic massage.  Thanks for coordinating church and school reunions, for exploring museums, IKEA, and thrift stores with us, and for shuttling around five children (all under the age of four) through downtown Chicago on the rail lines.  

You guys are awesome.  

I'll miss you all.  And Theo will miss his "cousins".  

But don't worry, we'll be back.   

Because we're family.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time with your truly amazing friends ~ extended family! I'm so glad that you had this opportunity...everything that happened in the last paragraph sounds amazing and needed.

I know you're back home now, but I pray that your memories of this trip remain fresh in your hearts and mind for a good while to come. Blessings!

Jana said...

Wow! What an amazing trip and amazing family! I'm so thankful that these people are in your life Becca. I feel a little refreshed just from reading how great this trip was!

michelle said...

You'd better come back! Or, maybe I'd rather go visit you in Hawaii :)

I never knew it was as hard for you to leave as it was for me that you left. Thank you for sharing and for your kind words.

Thank you for sharing Vincent with us - though we never had the privilege of meeting him - I caught a glimpse of him through your memories and stories.

And let me just say that you are the one who is awesome! We brought you here so we could support you, and you come bearing gifts of your beautiful sewing creations, you clean up our house, and introduce us to the wonderful world of dim sum. You are incredible!

We love you! We miss you!

Rebecca said...

Hi Jana, yes, it was so refreshing! And yes Michelle, leaving all of you was one of the hardest things I ever did! ... But I'll be baaack....