Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Two nights ago Theo had some really bad nightmares.  He woke me up yelling "Vincent!  Vincent!" and his blankie was wet with tears.  He slept in our bed the rest of the night.  The next morning he slept in rather late, and when he finally woke up I asked him what his bad dream was about.   Apparently he dreamt that hordes of bugs were coming after him.

Not sure how Vincent fit into that dream.

So I took Theo into my arms, and rocked him while praying blessing, peace and safety over him.  When I was done, I told him that maybe one day he'd be able to have dreams of Jesus.

"But I did dream of Jesus!"

"What?? Last night??"

Apparently after his nightmare Theo dreamt that he and Vincent were in our car, buckled into their car seats in the back.  Nobody was driving the car, but it was moving.  Dan and I were nowhere around.  (sounds like a nightmare, right?)  But then Jesus got into the car and started driving.

I asked him how he felt in the dream.

He breathed a dramatic sigh of relief.  "Sooo happy!!"

That was a good dream.

So my prayer for you, for me, and for Theo is that when we're feeling lost and abandoned, may Jesus direct us to our heart's true home.  And when it feels that our lives are on the fast track to nowhere, when it feels that we're riding in a driver-less car, may our distress be turned to joy at the sight of Jesus' face.  


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy...I hate it when the kids have nightmares!

But wow...how precious that he was with Vincent in the other dream and then to see Jesus!!!! What a beautiful little gift to Theo.

Thanks for sharing Rebecca!

Jana said...

Theo's dream brought me to tears. It reminds me of a similar experience I had when I was a little girl. I hope Theo never forgets that dream, that it will bring him reminders of the Lord's care for us throughout his life. And I really needed to hear this today, so give Theo an extra hug and kiss for me!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I love that 2nd dream and the dramatically sighed, "Soooo Happy!" Sure didn't like that first dream. How great to know that Jesus is in the driver's seat.

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