Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bedtime Rituals

Since our house was broken into and robbed after Vincent died, I've been very paranoid about our security.

Every night before I go to bed I double-check all the doors in the house, close the windows, peek behind shower curtains, (although for some reason I'm OK without checking closets) and set the alarm.  If my husband has set the alarm, I do this all over again.  Thanks anyway, honey!

Upon retreating to bed, I lock our bedroom door as well as Theo's.  (Our bedrooms are connected by another door that I leave open in case he needs anything at night.)  I make sure the bottom half of the window louvers are firmly closed and secured.  So far I've drawn the line at putting chairs underneath our door knobs, although I did this once to Theo's door that opens up to our main living room.  It just didn't feel safe that night.

During the day when I leave the house I hide my laptop, ipad and camera.  These locations rotate between a few selected favorite hideaways, punctuated by the odd one I can never remember.  Thankfully, I can usually recall where they've been placed. (Except the camera that I lost for around 3+ weeks during which time we went on a tourist-fest with friends from out of town.  Oops!)

To some people, this may sound a little paranoid, perhaps a little extreme, but by trying to control some of my environment I manage to feel a bit more safe.  Some people need a nightlight or a blanky I need to triple-check the doors.  On occasions in the past when I didn't do this (and when we lived with more family) we wound up with unlocked doors or worse.  One night a little over a year ago I awoke at 4:30am to find our front door (and screen) propped wide open.  Apparently they were never closed (or locked) after bringing in large amounts of groceries the night before. (hello mosquitos!) So I never take it for granted.  Every night, a-checking I come.

How do you guys feel about home security?  Any particular things you do to feel safe(r?) Any of you had your home broken into in the past?


Kristin said...

argh! Not feeling safe is awful. I feel pretty safe here in Korea, but growing up in the Philippines, I was ALWAYS scared. I'd startle out of sleep when the dogs barked, and run downstairs and flip on the floodlight. We were only robbed once in all the years there, amazingly. Maybe due to my vigilance at waking up and scaring them off (I could see them at the gate), or maybe it was our big German Shepherd (and 3 other dogs).
So sorry you feel threatened and unsafe. And I hope you don't misplace your electronics again!

Rebecca said...

Oh, Kristin, I know! I felt scared so often growing up in the Philippines too! We were only robbed once, when I was a little kid, but I would be terrified when there were brown-outs, as then we couldn't turn on the lights if there were strange sounds. I think a lot of my fear now has to do with being afraid as a kid, never really feeling safe.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how I'd feel after a robbery...but I do know fear is crippling. We feel pretty safe in our seclusion, but I still want my door locked at night...and I worry about letting the kids play outside alone...there are always thoughts that pop into my head.

This is my biggest fear in life...My father has been ill since I was 18. It seems like he's in the hospital for something every year...and I fear him dying. Whenever I think about it I break down.

Praying for you went through so much all at once...I don't know how you hold up...I think I'd be much worse. (((HUGS)))

Seeds of Faith said...

We have never had our house broken into - the closest I ever came to a break in was when a stinky homeless man slept in my car (which was parked unlocked in the garage). When I got in my car in the morning the drivers seat was fully reclined and my whole car smelled awful. We had left the side door to the garage unlocked - that never happened again.

Never-the-less, probably because of the terror of the news I no longer watch...I still check every door and window, every night. If I didn't check it I make sure Jay checked it and sometimes even if he said he did I go to do it again anyways. There have been a few times where I don't check and then wake up suddenly with this overwhelming feeling of "check the front door." The few times that has happened it's been unlocked and I've wondered what God has just spared us from (but I don't need to know!).

Anyways, I'm equally paranoid without much of a reason but hey, better safe than sorry!