Monday, August 1, 2011


Saturday Dan I arrived home from a short outing to be greeted by a houseful of friends yelling "Surprise!"  Together we shared a lovely afternoon noshing on food, catching up, and laughing.  I found it deeply meaningful that all in once place I could see friends from different areas of my life— individuals from various churches, our cancer connection group, family members.

at the party Saturday...Theo and I are so sweaty!  

Did I mention I'm turning 30 today?  Well, I am.  I am glad to embark on a new decade, but am also fully cognizant that I will not be sharing this one with Vincent.  I knew him, held him, kissed him and nursed him when I was my twenties.  Last year on my birthday Vincent and I were sharing a hospital bed and recording videos of us playing together. That will never happen in this decadeor this life, for that matter.

my 29th birthday with Vincent
Turning 30 feels bittersweet (at this moment, rather bitter) but Saturday while talking with friends, eating, drinking and opening presents, it was pretty sweet.  Thanks to all of you who sent messages, prayed for me, and/or e-mailed.  You rock! (Can I still say that now I've hit the semi-big 3-0?)


Kimberley said...

Welcome to the 30's!!! You are beautiful!!!! Trusting that God will give a gentle touch to you in this decade!!!! Prayers are with you!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Anonymous said...

Awe, Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!! I remember my 30th bday and I won't talk about it...but I'm praying that yours is truly blessed of the Lord and you see the dawn of a new day, the glory of the Lord in an abundant blessing in your life.

(((HUGS))) Vincent will forever be a part of you...I know that this had been a rough rough road. Thank you for sharing your birthday pictures with your boys...they're so precious and beautiful, as is their Mama!

Have a great day!

Kristin said...

So glad you had a sweet birthday party, and got to share it with your dear friends.
Happy Big 3-0!