Saturday, August 6, 2011

Language, language

This morning Theo and I attended the tail end of a multi-family garage sale held at our old church.  Many of our friends were sellers there, and being generous people, tried to give us all their remaining merchandise.  I protested, repeatedly saying, "My husband will kill me if I bring home too much stuff."  Having just had a garage sale ourselves to slim down our belongings, I was hesitant to load up on more items we really don't need.

I didn't think anything of using this particular figure of speech until Theo pulled me aside and anxiously said, "Daddy would... kill you?"  Uh oh.  I guess I win the wonderful mom of the day award for thoroughly horrifying my 4 year old.  We had a short conversation on the use of language.

This episode got me examining the words I daily use, the figures of speech I employ. Theo really listens to what I and others have to say.  He asks me probing questions about conversations he's overheard between family members and friends.  He quotes me every day when he over-enthusiastically says--"That's a great idea!" (possibly my most over-used phrase EVER.)  Thankfully, as of yet he's not repeated the more unsavory words I sprinkle in from time to time.

I can no longer excuse my language with the "he can't understand what I'm saying" gambit I've used for years.  My little boy is growing up.  And I should too.


Kristin said...

haha, poor little guy! wonder what was going through his mind.
interesting post though... makes ya think. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, they do teach us something about ourselves, don't they!

I remember one time when my kids started acting as impatient as me with the pokey driver in front of us...I think I used the term "idiot" or "moron" a little more than I should've in the car...sigh. It was a wake up call...yes, if they're listening, I guess God is too. I still need lots of work though.

Thanks for this reminder.