Monday, August 29, 2011

Lethargy and a quick Rant

I really feel off schedule.

Studying for my new message on the loaves and fishes is almost impossible.

Yes, I am actually taking pictures of my bookshelves

All I want to do these days is lay in bed, read to Theo, and get to the gym for half an hour. (Although I did make dinner almost every night last week, as well as clean a few kitchen cupboards and scrub the bathroom tub.)  The list of things I didn't do is slightly more comprehensive.

Perhaps I do need medication.  Or a kick in the pants.

Or perhaps another baby.  (Which is not a current option because our health insurance doesn't cover anything pregnancy-related.)
Two of my favorite guys
Oh, and our 17 year old car finally died last month, and in the last several weeks our 8 year old car has required over $2,000 worth of repair.  Apparently she needed a new clutch, master/slave, engine coils, and alternator (among other things!)


OK, enough blowing off steam.  How are you guys doing?

Musical inspiration here.  (I can literally listen to this for hours!)


Jan said... the bookshelves...and you dd way more than I did last week (or 2 or 3!) in your house. Wow you made dinner...I cant even do that once a you rock...I would love if you had another baby...because you are an amazing mommy, and any baby would be so lucky to have you..kick in the pants? uh no...dont think so..
So sorry about the car...that alone is depressing. And what insurance doesnt cover anything pg related? Thats crappy..
I think you are amazing...and we should go have a cocktail...
Love ya

Aunt Gloria said...

You cleaned out some of your cupboards? Wow, now I feel guilty for not doing that for at least a year. (Who am I kidding, I don't think I've done that since we had a new kitchen put in 3 years ago). I hate cars, they cost a fortune to buy and then you have to spend more on gas, insurance, tires, repairs, etc. AND your medical insurance should be put out of business.

Anonymous said...

Your shelf looks neat and dust...don't come to my house and inspect...because you wouldn't find that to be the case...hence no photos of my shelves. =(

And as to your list of're doing wonderful! I need to clean the tub...but alas, it's not on my list of important jobs that I want to do.

You have been in my thoughts much of late...and so now I will uphold you again in my prayers. ((((HUGS)))) I wish I could be there to do some of those other things for you...I wonder how much I'd have to save to fly to visit Hawaii!?!?!?! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Some weeks are like that- but we're praying this next week will be better. By the way, great bookshelves. You are so creative!

Rebecca said...

Thanks folks for all your comments
@ Anita -the bookshelf pictured is just a very small portion of a very large bookshelf, and the lighting didn't look very good in the larger picture. (also, I believe there is more dust on the other side of the shelves not pictured, hee hee).

@ Aunt Gloria: I don't think our kitchen cabinets were cleaned out well for at least a few years either. Yikes! :) (there was so much gecko poop in one cabinet above the fridge that I just wanted to die! LOL) As for my medical insurance... tell me about it.

@ Jan: I know, I cooked a lot last week, but when you're a stay-at-home mom you have WAY less excuses for not cooking. :) Oh, and going out sounds GREAT!

Kristin said...

yay for cooking and a bit of cleaning! Better than me, that's for sure! I think I pulled the vacuum around once this week, and made bread once. No dinners.
Sorry to hear about the cars! They are money-grubbers, plotting against us all.