Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Good Tired

Since arriving here in Singapore three days ago we've traveled the city-state by MRT, bus, and taxi, as well as walked what seems to be miles upon miles.  I am now experiencing the bone-numbing sensation of exhaustion.  But it's a satisfying feeling, a happy tired.

Tuesday this week we visited the Jurong bird park followed by the Science Center which contains the world's largest I-max theatre. We saw a show about the Hubble telescope -- its various technical issues and how they were fixed as well as phenomenal photographs it has taken.

I don't really cry in public. But I cried-- shaking my shoulders crying-- as we saw newborn stars in nurseries explode into euphoric light. I cried as I saw mishapen galaxies from the beginning of time. And I cried as I saw this - a butterfly made by exploding gases as a star slowly dies.
I miss my little star, Vincent.   And when I went into the rainforest section of the Singapore zoo today, the butterflies fluttering nearby reminded me of his presence with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca, that is so beautiful and it's okay that you cried in public. This meant so much to you...and reminded you of precious little Vincent! (((HUGS)))

Deanna said...

Beautiful! While in Singapore, please hug my babies for me! :) I love Singapore.

Anonymous said...

And I cried reading your post. I hold my little blue stuffed animal everyday and think about naming one of those stars with you once your sister arrives. That makes me cry too.

Anonymous said...

I meant your blog, not your post.