Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Today I preached at a really cool neighborhood church.  The people were welcoming, warm, funny, and eager to listen.

I talked about disappointment with God, and we worked through the story of John the Baptist together.  Good stuff.  

Of course, since this blog is called "Sermons I Never Preached"  I probably shouldn't talk about sermons I actually have given.  Or not.  Hee hee.    

This week also begins the last week of our trip here in the Philippines, we head back for Honolulu on Thursday where our "real life" awaits.  I'm really going to miss being here. However, I will be happy to be closer to our memories of Vincent, be able to easily visit his grave, and Theo will also enjoy starting up his half-time preschool again.  

I'm planning on seeing Irish on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, to check in on how her son with leukemia is doing. I'll let you all know as well.  


Anonymous said...

Too bad...I'd really like to hear about this sermon you DID preach!

I'm glad you've have a nice time away...and will pray this last week is the greatest blessing yet.

Praying for Irish!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Anita!
*sigh*. I'd love to include some of this message, it's one of my favorites already, but it's super long, 41 minutes of steady preaching, a lot of exegesis... I would have no idea how to condense it into a blog post. Of course, I'm sure it could be easily done with a more skilled writer and/or preacher, but I'm super tied to each of the points. Maybe in a few weeks I'll gain some perspective and be able to condense it down, we'll see.

We can't wait to see Theo's quilt when we get home, I'm so excited! And thanks for your prayers for our last week here, we're hoping to go out with a bang.

I'll see you on your blog!

Deanna said...

Enjoy your last week!!!

What you put of your sermon reminds me of a sermon that I heard from another preacher about how disappointment can cause you to doubt things you know are true - John the Baptist and Thomas were his main examples. John the Baptist for the message he sent Jesus while in jail and Thomas because when Lazarus died when the disciples didn't want to go to Bethany, he said he'd rather go if it meant death than leave Jesus. Yet, he's remembered mainly for his doubt after Jesus' death.

Have a great week and travel safely!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Deanna! ...and isn't that so true about Thomas! I'm sure he had more faith than most of us! ;)