Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi Vincent!  Today is your 2nd birthday.

I know you don't age in heaven the way we do here, but I do know that you still mature, that your mind and heart gradually fill and expand with knowledge and love.

As you continue to grow in heaven, know that our love for you here on earth keeps expanding and growing as well.

And tonight when we blow the candles out on your birthday cake, I'll be counting down another year until we can be together again.  Forever.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Vince! I know you are having an awesome time up there!.. If you get the chance, pay a visit to your family via their dreams.

We look forward to seeing you again forever also! Hang in there.. it won't be too long

Marcus Ellen and Kiana Pang

Kimberley said...

Happy Birthday Vincent!!! I am sure that you are having a wonderful birthday...nothing like running around with Jesus...maybe even playing some tag...
Hang in their Mommy, Daddy and Theo...Prayers being sent up for you on this special day!!!
Loves and hugs to you all...
Jeremy,Kim, Andrew&Emily Kropf

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, precious treasure - born today, and bringing so much joy into so many lives! Happy Birthday Vincent! I wonder what birthdays are like in heaven. I can just imagine the awesome day you're having there with Jesus.

Praying for you Rebecca, Dan and Theo...as you remember Vincent today. He's so beautiful. I love that picture from his 1st Birthday! I know that you have to wait to see him again, but I know that Jesus is taking great care of him, because He loves the little children so much! (((HUGS)))

Deanna said...

Happy birthday, sweet Vincent! And extra prayers for your wonderful family who I'm sure are feeling an extra ache today.

Rebecca said...

Thanks friends! We had a really beautiful day. Went to the beach, took pictures playing in the sand and writing messages, releasing balloons, visiting his gravesite. I'll post pics probably next week when we get them back from our photog friend.