Monday, May 9, 2011

Search Engines

Being a somewhat neurotic person, I like to check my stats from time to time (read: every day) on how many hits this blog is receiving.  I check which posts get the most reads and how people find my blog from keying in various phrases into search engines.  A fair amount of people find me from googling "grief sermons" or "sermons i never preached."  That makes sense to me, I can see those folks finding this blog pretty quickly.

But the other day I got a hit from someone keying in "self absorbed grief."
Hmmmm, I guess I can see that.

Someone else found this blog by searching for "sermons the mother of the year."  Whaaaat?  I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Sometimes I feel like that when I read the Bible.  

I type in "help" to God, and then he in response gives me something totally unexpected, something different than what I was asking for.  Sometimes it's a scripture, a story, a song, or an obscure passage, but usually I find later that it sorta helped. Or I search for "why" and in response get a long narration that talks about the new heavens and earth.  Not exactly what I was looking for.  

So although I'm not super happy with my current conversations with God, I'll keep doing my searches and checking out what God sends my way.  Because every now and then it's really worth the read.  

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Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily think much about what search brings them to my blog...but what country they're coming from is interesting to me. I've had a ton from Malaysia...and I have NO idea why!

Mother of the Year - hey, you need to give yourself a little more credit. I think somehow you've minimized everything you have gone suffered too...long nights, sorrow of heart and so much more than most of us experience in an entire lifetime. I say Mother of the Year is fitting.

And searching the Bible...I can totally relate! Sometimes I get the message, other times I'm terribly slow. I would say it's definitely worth the read. =)

Praying for your week and thinking about you and yours. How's little Theo's nightmares? I hope he's been getting better sleep.