Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Small Grace

Today I was running late to a counseling appointment.  Since I was in such a rush to drop Theo off at preschool, both he and I ran from the parking lot of the school all the way into his classroom. Theo thought it was fun.  I was a bit breathless.  I signed him in, got back to the car and was almost at the counselors office when I realized the pendant had fallen off my necklace.

This pendant was a silver replica of Vincent's fingerprint.

You see, I had molds taken of Vincent's fingerprints a few weeks before he died.  Through etsy I found an artisan who worked with fingerprint jewelry and they made me a gorgeous fingerprint necklace that I received in the mail a few days before Vincent died. This necklace wasn't stolen during our break-in, as I had been wearing it at the time.  But now it was lost.

I called the preschool quickly and talked Mrs. Nancy, one of Theo's teacher, who started to look for it.

About halfway through the counseling appointment I got a phone call from the preschool director. They found the pendant!  Now all I have to do is fix the bale.

...I wish all our problems were solved this quickly!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found it. By the way, Laraya prayed for you guys tonight before she went to bed. Included in her prayer was that Uncle Dan would come back and play basketball at the park. Not really sure where that came from...

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful that it was found! I can imagine your feelings when you realized it was lost! =(

Have a beautiful Friday!

Anonymous said...

:-) Praise God!
Love Ya!